Teabagger Busted For Making Terrorist Threats Via Twitter

A tea party protester in Oklahoma has been arrested for making terrorist threats via Twitter.

An Oklahoma City man who announced on Twitter that he would turn an April 15 tax protest into a bloodbath was hit with a federal charge of making interstate threats last week, in what appears to be first criminal prosecution to stem from posts on the microblogging site. Daniel Knight Hayden, 52, was arrested by FBI agents who identified him as the Twitter user CitizenQuasar. In a series of tweets beginning April 11, CitizenQuasar vowed to start a “war” against the government on the steps of the Oklahoma City Capitol building, the site of that city’s version of the national “Tea Party” protests promoted by the conservative-leaning Fox News.

“START THE KILLING NOW! I am willing to be the FIRST DEATH!,” read a tweet at 8:01 PM that day. “After I am killed on the Capitol Steps, like a REAL man, the rest of you will REMEMBER ME!!!,” he added five minutes later. Then: “Send the cops around. I will cut their heads off the heads and throw the[m] on the State Capitol steps.” Hayden’s MySpace page is a breathtaking gallery of right wing memes about the “New World Order,” gun control as Nazi fascism, and Barack Obama’s covert use of television hypnosis, among many others.

John Aravosis at AmericaBlog: “Wow, you mean a potential domestic terrorist was associated with gun issue? Funny, but that’s exactly what the Homeland Security report said – the one the Republicans and the religious right wanted us to ignore?

Aravosis is referring to an April 14th Homeland Security report that warned of armed extremists within the right-wing movement. The report was widely denounced in the wingnutosphere as evidence of the Obama administration’s intent to shut down all opposition and take away guns.