Riots In London As President Obama Meets With G-20 Summit Leaders

As widely predicted, London’s financial district is seeing rioting mobs today as President Obama meets with world leaders during the G-20 Summit.

As President Obama was holding one-on-one meetings Wednesday with the leaders of Russia and China, thousands of protesters marched in the streets of London, and there were several violent clashes with police. A mob of protesters, many of them with their faces hidden by bandanas, smashed windows at a Royal Bank of Scotland building in the City, as London’s financial district is known. RBS has been one of the highest-profile banks hit by the current economic crisis and was essentially nationalized to keep it from failure, at a cost of billions of dollars to British taxpayers. Protesters scrawled “Thieves” on the side of the building, which they entered through the broken windows. They threw a printer and other office equipment into the street. Several intruders made it to the building’s roof. Hundreds of protesters charged police, who hit back with batons. Police estimated that at least 4,000 demonstrators were in the area, which also includes the headquarters of the Bank of England.