Repeal Attempt Already Underway for Washington’s New Partnerships Laws

Earlier this week LGBT couples in Washington state were granted “everything but the word marriage.” Immediately, anti-gay religious groups announced their plans to block the legislation’s implementation and to repeal the underlying domestic partners laws which had just been expanded.

“We are in the process of organizing a referendum… to repeal the domestic-partnership law,” says Gary Randall, president of the Faith and Freedom Network, a conservative religious coalition of two nonprofits and a PAC. He says the group is meeting this afternoon and plans to file paperwork any day. Simply filing the paperwork for a referendum would block the bill from becoming law for at least 90 days after the last day of the legislative session (scheduled for April 26 this year), says Shane Hamlin, assistant director of the Secretary of State Office’s election division. The anti-domestic-partnership campaign would have until July 25 to gather 120,577 signatures to qualify for the general election. If the measure qualifies, the bill remains in limbo until the November vote. Randall says his group may also try to repeal the two previous domestic-partnership laws. That would require filing a separate initiative which needs 241,153 signatures submitted by July 3 to make this year’s ballot, the Secretary of State Office says.

(Via Dominic Holden @ Slog)