PhoboQuotable – Judith Reisman

“American classroom indoctrination is now found in “hate” and sexual diversity training and in 3,500 nationwide Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) school clubs. Under color of a “Safe Schools Movement” battling alleged “bullying” of so-called “gay” children (K-12), some see GLSEN as a modern version of the Hitler Youth and as preparing the ground for a larger, sweeping, schoolroom Youth Brigade. [snip]

“Both the GLSEN youth and the Hitler Youth were trained to be revolutionary leaders of the brave new world order. GLSEN school clubs and their teacher sponsor/trainers are now funded by major corporations and by some state funds. GLESN’s Day of Silence and “GAY ALLY!” pledge cards for kindergartners and other children (left) are direct assaults on traditional parental, American values.

“German children’s literature historians document Hitler’s pioneering ban of both the Ten Commandments and biblical stories from Nazi school texts in favor of coarse and violent tales that ridiculed religious believers and their values. Without his NSTA teachers, Hitler could not have created a goose-stepping, unthinking army. [snip]

“The claim it was preventing AIDS and the alleged “bullying” of children labeled “gay,” “trans,” etc., allowed GLESN’s nose under the tent. That pornographers, pedophiles and homosexually radical school superintendents, principals, teachers and librarians have been training schoolchildren to be “politically correct” followers is well-documented.” – WorldNetDaily columnist Dr. Judith Reisman from yesterday’s GLSEN And The Hitler Youth.

GLSEN responds: “We can only hope this is some sort of sick April Fool’s joke.”