More Christianist Lies From The Family Research Council

Check out the latest “action alert” from the Family Research Council.

Many members of Congress are simply unaware of how dangerous the proposed “hate crimes” law is. FRC Action will warn them that this could lead to simple expressions of religious faith-including sermons and radio broadcasts-being prosecuted as “hate.” Our nation is at a danger point. In 2007, such a “hate crimes” bill actually passed the House (HR 1592) and the Senate (SB 1105)-but died when President Bush threatened a veto. Now, President Obama has made passing the Hate Crimes law a top priority. A “hate crimes” law is really a “thought crime” law that punishes a person’s beliefs-part of the Left’s intolerant agenda to silence the voice of Christians and Conservatives in America and eliminate moral restraint.

How would it happen? A federal “hate crimes” law prohibiting “bodily injury” could be construed by many law enforcement officials and judges to include words that inflict emotional or psychological distress. That means an “offended” homosexual could accuse a religious broadcaster . . . a pastor . . . Sunday School teacher . . . or other individual of causing emotional injury simply by expressing the biblical view that homosexual behavior is morally wrong and unhealthy. That’s all it could take to trigger a wave of federal prosecutions and begin an era of censorship like America has never seen! Click here to give a secure online gift to help FRC Action warn Congress to again reject the “hate crimes” bill.

The Family Research Council wants nothing less than an American theocracy and feels absolutely no shame about lying their way to their goal.