Freepers React To Iowa’s Decision

Enjoy the ‘sploding heads….

-“This is scary. Unlike Massachusetts, Iowa is an agricultural breadbasket. Watch crop yields plumett now. God takes His revenge in many ways. Just ask those people burned out of their homes (or had their crops dry up from drought) in California. Russia’s crop yields plummeted too, once she became an atheistic nation in 1922.”
-“More judges added to the ‘people to horsewhip’ list.”
-“This is for all of those that said the Family Protection Act was not necessary. How’s it feel to have three judges spit in the eyes of the overwhelming majority.”
-“We live in a Judicial Tyranny.”
-“We are fools if we think that God’s judgment will not come to this land. Fools.”
“IOW marrigage based on popping an orgasm rather than benefit to society.”
-“I am beginning to believe that there is no silent majority. The queers and the unemployed are running the country. I am a slave, 2/3rds of my taxes go into the pocket of someone else.”
-“There is no justice in the land.”
-“The USA is much more the fascist dictatorship than the kind of govt of the people it was founded to be.”
-“I have no problems with gays getting married. They just have to marry someone of the opposite sex, just like normal people. No special privileges for them!”
-“True. They can even have a 100% gay marriage…a queer can marry a carpet muncher!”