Authorities Intervene At Home Of 12 Year-Old “Ex-Gay” YouTuber

Edge Boston is reporting that local authorities have visited the home of ChristianU2uber, the 12 year-old boy who came out as “ex-gay” on YouTube and became the hero of the Christianist right after suffering hundreds of vicious comments.

[C]oncern voiced at Internet news resources, blogs, and forums for Scott’s well-being seem to have had a result. EDGE received an email from Sgt. Chris Meehan of Texas’ Collin County, which includes suburban Dallas. Sgt. Meehan, who is attached to an Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, told EDGE, “I have been working on several cybertips reports that have been received regarding Christianu2uber. “Several news publications were referenced on this, including your recent article,” Sgt. Meehan added. “I wanted to update you that we have located this 12 year old, and spoke to him and his parents about this situation,” Sgt. Meehan wrote. “I know many readers expressed concern for his well-being and safety. He has decided to delete his youtube [sic] site and videos, and we will provide him counseling and assistance to get through this situation.”

Several LGBT blogs, including this one, voiced concern about the child’s well-being and the appropriateness of his parents allowing him a YouTube account. It’s great to see him getting the proper help.