Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell At Paterson’s Marriage Press Conference

Thanks to Andy Towle, we finally have video of openly gay NY Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell’s remarks at yesterday’s press conference announcing Gov. Paterson’s marriage equality bill. In 2007 O’Donnell successfully sponsored a marriage equality bill in the Assembly and is confident that it would pass by an even greater margin in 2009.

O’Donnell: “I do not want a pew in your church. I do not want a seat in your synagogue. What I want is a piece of paper that is issued by my government that many of you have had. Some of you have had it two or three times. And I’m only looking for it once.”

O’Donnell closes with, “Someday soon, after 28 years of being engaged, I’m going to actually be allowed to get married.” Paterson: “That’s a lot of invitations to send out, Danny.”