What’s Anita Bryant Planning?
(And What Is Her Husband Up To?)

JMG reader Douglas In Oklahoma points us to this teaser post by James Miko on a site called Gossip Boy, in which Miko describes having gone undercover at Anita Bryant’s new ministry in Oklahoma City, which she runs with her second husband, Charlie Dry. Miko promises a coming multi-part expose’ on Bryant and Dry, to begin tomorrow. It looks to be a motherfucking doozy.

Events turned sinister as this reporter soon realized he was not just in the middle of an anti-gay ministry, but that Bryant’s offices were in the midst of Dry’s Government Procurement Services LLC, which isn’t everything it appears to be, but is more likely an influence peddling operation he runs with shadow partner J. C. Watts, a former U.S. congressman and potential Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate. Then it was discovered the entire fourth floor of 115 East California was filled with defense contractors involved in the machinations of war, such as Long Wave Inc. Down below tourists walked along the water canal or ordered chicken wings in a restaurant, while just above them secretive merchants of death were networking with Native American tribal officials and using them as minority-preference fronts in order to obtain multi-million dollar contracts with the United States Department of Defense.

The oft-times ditzy Miss America runner-up from Barnsdall, Oklahoma, had gone for the day and left this reporter alone in the lair with Charlie Dry, a soon-to-be-identified former pro football player, the war profiteers and the brawny men that do their bidding. That was not the best time for the increasingly surreal operation to start falling apart.

The ruse used by this reporter proved quite effective for awhile in gathering intelligence on both Bryant and Dry’s operations. There is indeed a new anti-gay crusade planned by Bryant. At some point, however, the undercover operation began unraveling as a once trusting Dry became suspicious, which would soon lead into an uncomfortable confrontation where he twice threatened to have me killed. It had reached the point where the undercover initiative was at an end and it was time to leave.

That’s when the Men in Black showed up.

Holy crap.