Top LGBT Site Bilerico Project Hacked

UPDATE: The Bilerico Project is back up!

One of the nation’s top LGBT activism sites, The Bilerico Project, is under a continuing “denial of service” hack attack and is currently offline. Site founder Bil Browning:

I wanted to give folks a quick heads up on what’s happened to the Bilerico Project and our affiliated sites. All of our sites are currently dark – they’ve been taken offline by a massive hacker attack. We’ve been fighting off these Eastern European hackers for over a year now; they’re the same crowd that took down popular feminist political blog Shakespeare’s Sister a year and a half ago. They’re professionals and they’re nasty. Earlier this week, they managed to take us down for about 9 hours overnight but we were able to regain control. They severely compromised the server though, so we had to get a new server up and running quickly. Yesterday, we got the new server racked up and were planning on making all of the switch overs (we also host quite a few Indiana LGBT organizations’ websites), but the hackers managed to crack through our defenses again yesterday afternoon.

Browning reports that they do have backups for the site and are working to back online as soon as possible. You may recall that Pam’s House Blend and numerous other progressive sites suffered a similar attack recently.

These continuous attacks from our enemies are a large part of why JMG continues to reside on Google’s Blogspot. I do own the domain, (which merely redirects traffic here, for now) but considering the hate mail received by this here website thingy I’m obviously a lot safer on Google’s zillion-blog site, where it’s next to impossible to take down an individual blog.