Swag Tuesday

Courtesy of Kensington Publishing and the author, today’s Swag Tuesday prize is an autographed copy of Straight Lies, the latest novel from Lambda Literary Award winner Rob Byrnes.

STRAIGHT LIES is the story of a pair of small-time gay criminals who learn about a sex tape proving that the world’s hottest openly gay celebrity is actually heterosexual. What should be a simple plan — retrieve the tape, blackmail the celebrity, and live happily ever after — gets complicated when the tape is left in the back of a cab. That sets in motion a madcap crime caper involving a tabloid gossip editor; a lesbian realtor and her spoiled girlfriend; a cop who is also an Internet predator, an alcoholic ex-cabbie, a boy toy whose IQ might be smaller than his waist size; a shallow social climber who has never crossed a bridge he didn’t burn, and Tori Spelling.

We have three autographed copies of Straight Lies to give away. Enter to win by commenting on this post. Only enter once and please remember to leave an email address that you check frequently. Entries close at midnight on Wednesday, west coast time. Publicists: if you’d like to take part in Swag Tuesday on JMG, please email me.