Friendly Voices – Paul Rudd

“I always thought I’d be a really good gay guy. I love American Idol. I watch Antiques Roadshow like crazy. Guys like Oscar Wilde, Stephen Fry, Elton John — they’re all very bright, with a razor-sharp wit. David Sedaris — who’s funnier than David Sedaris? The Saturday Night Live that I hosted was such a gay-heavy show. But it didn’t even cross my mind until after. The family that kept kissing each other — I didn’t even think of that as being gay…I remember doing interviews for The Object of My Affection, and people would say, ‘What was it like to kiss a guy?’ Like it was such a shocking thing. I said, ‘How many times does anyone ask, ‘You had to shoot somebody. Was that weird?” I love gay guys. I feel pretty gay. I’m certainly not the most macho guy in the room.” – Actor Paul Rudd, speaking to Entertainment Weekly about his upcoming “bromance” movie, I Love You Man.

(Via – Towleroad)