FCC Complaint Filed Over Family Guy

Predictably, fundies are filing an FCC complaint over Sunday’s “Peter Goes Gay” episode of Family Guy and are calling on the show’s sponsors to suspend advertising. (Feel free to stretch and yawn.) From the fundie-run Parents Television Council:

Our organization is taking its concerns directly to every parent, every Fox affiliate and every advertiser — as well as to those whom the Congress has instructed to uphold the law: the FCC. We encourage our members and concerned citizens to contact their local broadcasters and their public servants with their complaints. Each and every advertiser who paid for this show to air will also be personally contacted by the PTC and asked if bringing orgies and bestiality into American living rooms resonates with their corporate image.

I don’t disagree that this episode of Family Guy was one of the most crude things ever seen on television. But so what? The show was preceded by a stern warning to parents and I believe there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 million other channels.

The PTC files complaints on almost every show on TV, including fluff like Friends (likely because of the lesbian wedding episode). Meanwhile the rest of us get served dumbed and watered down nonsense because fundie parents don’t know how to use the blocking services provided on every cable box in America. Hell, I had to enter a PIN just to watch CNN at my (relatively) liberal sister’s house. There’s a reason why almost every memorable series in the last ten years has been on pay cable. It’s spelled P-T-C.