Bloomberg Calls For Gay Marriage Bill

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg called for the state legislature to pass a same-sex marriage bill last night in an appearance at the LGBT Community Center.

Mayor Bloomberg said Wednesday night he stands ready to ask the Legislature to allow gay marriage in New York State, but doesn’t know when the time will be right. “We see that the tide is turning, that support is mounting,” Bloomberg told the annual dinner of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center. “Make no mistake, the time will come … and we will pass this bill.” Bloomberg has made similar pledges to testify in Albany for almost three years, but the GOP-run state Senate blocked any such bill. Democrats now run the Senate but have not been able to round up votes to pass the measure – increasing pressure on Bloomberg to follow through. “I don’t know whether it’s more likely or not” this year, Bloomberg said before his speech. “If they consider a bill, I think they should pass it, and I would be happy to testify for it.”