Unnamed Source Says Breedlove Was 17 When Sex With Sam Adams Began

Ugh. The Sam Adams story just won’t go away. An unnamed friend of Beau Breedlove is now telling the Portland press that Breedlove told him that he’d had sex with Sam Adams before turned 18.

New details are emerging every day as the pieces of the scandal surrounding Portland’s embattled mayor continue to unfold and people come forward. A longtime friend of Beau Breedlove, who spoke with KATU News on condition of anonymity, has new light to shed on the scandal that has divided the city into two sides – those for and against Mayor Sam Adams. In this latest development, Breedlove’s friend told KATU News that he heard from him almost four years ago that he was having sex with a Portland politician – at a time when Breedlove was 17 years old.

“He didn’t say who, or his name, but said he was having sexual encounters with this person,” he said. The friend met Breedlove at South Salem’s Sprague High School and said in the spring of 2005, Breedlove told him about the relationship. “I just didn’t think too much of it at the time,” he said. “It’s not the first guy who he had sex with that was older than 18. He liked it, obviously. Maybe he just didn’t know that this guy was going to become the mayor of Portland.”

The anonymous source also says that Breedlove texted him after the story broke to say that he’d indeed had sex with Adams at age 17. Breedlove is denying this latest story and Adams has refused to comment. The commenters at the KATU-TV site are having a field day.

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