The Second Crash Of Flight 1549

Jersey City residents were startled to see the fuselage of US Airways Flight 1549 being towed through city streets this weekend.

[T]he fuselage, which had been brought to Weeks Marine Inc. in Jersey City for the federal investigation after it crash landed in the Hudson River, was supposed to head to Newark via the Officers Shawn Carson and Robert Nguyen Memorial Bridge, but the plane couldn’t fit and hit the top of the bridge. Officials then had to back it down and take it back up Communipaw Avenue and onto Kennedy Boulevard to Montgomery Street, passing the St. Peter’s College campus before turning right onto Montgomery, then left onto Bergen Avenue. These photos were taken on Montgomery Street and Bergen Avenue.

The entire plane is now in a salvage yard in Harrison, NJ, will it will remain during the expected 12-18 month investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board.