PhoboQuotable – Sally Kern

“I’ve done a lot of reading on this. I wish I could describe to you their behavior. I will not because I would be redder than this suit. It’s their behavior that we oppose. This theme of equality and freedom is the approach that the homosexuals are using today – totally perverting the true intention of what our Constitution meant. … The homosexuals get it – it’s a struggle between our religious freedoms and their right to do what they want to do.

“The solution is another Great Awakening, folks. We need a spiritual revival, and that will only come if God’s people, especially you pastors, will stand in your pulpits and vocally preach the word of God and thus declare the Lord this sin, and preach it in love, only then does our nation have a chance of overcoming the scourge of AIDS, HIV and the devastating destruction that the homosexual lifestyle is bringing on your children and our grandchildren.” – Oklahoma politician Sally Kern, speaking to the John Birch Society, a conservative wingnut group of conspiracy theorists.