North Carolina Considering Same-Sex Marriage Ban For 7th Consecutive Year

Same-sex marriage bans have failed in North Carolina’s legislature for the last six consecutive years. But the haters refuse to give up and have again proposed a constitutional amendment on the issue. The usual troglodytes have trotted out.

“Moms and dads are not interchangeable,” says state Sen. Jim Forrester, R-Gaston County. [Pictured on right] Forrester is the lead sponsor of a proposal that would put this issue on the ballot for North Carolina voters. Advocates from many associations support this idea, including the North Carolina Catholic Diocese. “Throughout the entirety of sacred scripture, marriage is always and only recognized as a union between a man and woman,” Bishop Peter Jugis, of the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte, said. Some say this amendment is not protection, but discrimination and that lawmakers should pass over this proposal once again. “You know that saying what would Jesus do? I think he would be crying right now. I honestly do,” Ana McKee, of Durham, said. McKee’s son is gay, and she says she doesn’t want his rights limited in North Carolina.

Forrester’s current bill has 21 co-sponsors including five Democrats.