New Commenting System

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve installed a new commenting system here on JMG. A host of new features await you. You can vote comments up or down or you can mark then as “offensive.” If ten or more of your fellow commenters find your message to be assholish, it will be collapsed. (Just like on YouTube.) Speaking of YouTube, you can embed clips into your comment, as well as photos. You can register as a JS-Kit commenter, use your old Haloscan handle, or be anonymous. Responses to previous comments are now nested within the original comment. Comments will be threaded at the bottom of the post for a few days, but we’ll go back up to a pop up box after that. Unless you folks prefer the in-post style. Let me know.

UPDATE: Create your own JMG profile! Add your personal photo and links to your blog, your Facebook, your Twitter, etc.