Maine’s Innkeepers Want Marriage Equality

Yesterday a coalition of Maine innkeepers lobbied the state capital in support of that state’s pending marriage equality bill.

[Innkeeper Jim] Davitt, 67, said Tuesday he supports the bill for business and personal reasons. “We get people from all over the world staying here — straight and gay,” he said. “We’ve had gay and straight guests here at the same time, and no one seemed to care. Passing the bill would be good for us and good for Maine.” Davitt, a retired attorney, and his wife, Mary Lou Davitt, have run the farm on the Hudson Road for 19 years. Five years ago, they opened the bed and breakfast with four rooms that can accommodate up to eight people. The Davitts also have a daughter who is a lesbian, another reason the couple supports efforts to allow same-sex marriage in Maine. “I’ve been following the issue for a long time,” Jim Davitt said. “It strikes me if I remain true to my calling as an attorney and practice what I preach, I’ve got to stand up and make my voice count.”

The money angle of marriage equality is bound to be more and more important these days, particularly for states like Maine who depend on tourism so much.