HomoQuotable – Jared Polis

“To date, I am the first openly gay male elected to Congress as a freshman. One change I will never get used to is that everyone keeps calling me “congressman.” It’s ridiculous to hear someone shout ‘congressman’ and watch each of the 435 members of Congress within earshot turn their heads. Seriously, for my sanity, just call me Jared.


“To sum up my whirlwind first three weeks in Congress, I’ve:

• Been kissed by Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen — on stage, no less at the Human Rights Campaign Ball).
• Had my congressional ID pin accidentally stolen by fellow Freshman Rep. Tom Periello of Virginia.
• Hosted eight houseguests in our humble, one-bathroom abode on Capitol Hill for the inauguration.
• Participated in the greatest single outpouring of national pride and emotion our nation has ever seen.
• And gotten lost (repeatedly) in the labyrinthine passageways beneath the Capitol and House office buildings.

“Being a member of Congress is a great job and an incredible honor, and I can’t wait for what is to come.” – Openly gay Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO), writing for CNN.com. As his first congressional job, Polis has been assigned to the House Rules Committee.