Gay Nerd Speed Dating

Yes, there is such a thing. Via my pal Ned:

Dearest Nerds & Friends of Nerds,

25 gay nerd fellas. 25 gay nerd lasses. Since our first ever speed dating (hetero-style) went so well, as promised, we’re expanding. I’m happy to announce our first gay Nerd Nite speed dating event on THURSDAY March 12, followed by the regular Nerd Nite program which will feature Ben Bartelle of NYU discussing Genetic Engineering in Humans (less creepy than you might think), Mike Liss and Nathan Freitas talking about Messing with the Chinese Government at the 2008 Summer Olympics, and Kerry Donny-Clark talking a whole lot about where cancer comes from. But not in a depressing way.

As we’ve learned, I strongly recommend you buy tickets in advance.

I’ve always preferred nerds over jocks, but speed dating seems contrary to the nerd ethic of hyper-analyzation.