Canadian Students Wearing Pink Today In Anti-Bullying Campaign

Ah, Canada.

Nanaimo students will wear pink today, along with tens of thousands of British Columbians, to show they will not tolerate bullying. As part of a provincewide campaign, Wednesday has been recognized as a day to don pink to deliver the anti-bullying message. The protest started after an incident at a Nova Scotia school in September 2007, when a Grade 9 high school boy was harassed, called a homosexual and threatened after wearing a pink polo shirt on his first day of classes. A pair of fellow students heard the story and launched a “sea of pink” campaign online. Since then dozens of schools across the country have worn pink to take a stand against bullying. Several schools in Nanaimo will participate in the campaign, including Dover Bay Secondary, which has provided 1,000 pink shirts for its students.

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