Sam Adams Mulling Resignation

Beleaguered Portland mayor Sam Adams has announced that he will make a decision on whether to resign within a few days.

Portland Mayor Sam Adams, who admitted lying about a 2005 sexual relationship with an 18-year-old boy, says Portlanders should know “within days” whether he will resign. Adams did not appear in public Thursday but told The Oregonian he spent much of the day with his pastor and with his mentor, former Portland Mayor Vera Katz. “It’s important that I learn the lessons that need to be learned regardless of what I decide,” said Adams, who apologized at length to Portlanders Tuesday. Four Portland newspapers have called on him to quit but supporters have planned rallies on his behalf for Friday. Portland is the largest city in the United States with an openly gay mayor.

Note that although Beau Breedlove was reportedly 18 at the time of his relationship with Adams, the above-quoted Portland paper still refers to him as a “boy.” Dan Savage wrote me last night pointing out that Breedlove was not in fact a direct subordinate of Adams, despite what was widely reported when the story broke. Savage points us to this Facebook group of Adams supporters, which already has more than 1000 members. He also notes this amusing Wonkette headline: Openly Gay Mayor Once Had Sex With Adult Male!

We were all thrilled when Adams was elected, and while this mess is quite disappointing, I think it’s survivable. (Barney Frank, anybody?) I hope Adams sticks around.