Paterson: Kennedy Is Not A Shoo-In

Noting her lack of elected office experience, NY Gov. David Paterson is telling the press that Caroline Kennedy is not guaranteed to be his choice to fill Hillary Clinton’s senate seat.

“The notion that I have to take Caroline is not coming from me,” Paterson said in an interview in his Capitol office. He said “gossip” has become a “greater force right now than my decision” and suggested the media have become too consumed with just one big-named candidate. “What I would say is that, to the media it’s Caroline and the others. To me, there are 10 to 15 good candidates,” said the governor, who will appoint the successor to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton after she is confirmed later this month as U. S. secretary of state.

Much as with Obama’s appointments, all candidates have had to complete exhaustive questionnaires about their personal lives, including whether they write blogs or use Facebook. Candidates have also had to supply the web addresses of relatives who may have MySpace pages or other personal sites. They’ve also had to say if they’ve had any dealings with Bernie Madoff.