Adams Spokesman Quits

Although his boss returned to work on Monday, Sam Adams’ spokesman quit the next day.

Wade Nkrumah, the spokesman for Mayor Sam Adams, resigned his post Monday evening, the same day that Adams returned to work after admitting he lied about a 2005 relationship. Nkrumah, 48, declined to comment on his reasons but said his departure was voluntary. He said he spoke with the mayor and submitted a short resignation letter. Adams, he said, was “disappointed.” Nkrumah, a former reporter for The Oregonian, said he has no new job lined up. He accepted the post in November, with Adams set to take over as mayor in January. Nkrumah said he does not believe anyone else on Adams’ staff has resigned in the wake of Adams’ admission that he lied about a 2005 relationship with Beau Breedlove.

Adams says he is staying in his position, but the police investigation is apparently continuing.