Mike Rogers Goes On Hardball To Talk About Rick Warren

Renowned LGBT activist Mike Rogers (BlogActive, PageOneQ) went on Hardball last night to debate Rev. Eugene Rivers about Rick Warren. Rogers gets some really good shots in, watch this. Digby’s take:

Rogers took a very unusual tack and said that Rivers coming on the show to defend Warren shows how powerful the gay community is and that he was very happy to see Warren changing his web site just today (to hide his more outrageously homophobic content.). He characterized this as a big victory for gay rights. (“I compliment Rick Warren on seeing the error of his ways and changing his web site.”) Rivers was agitated by this and seemed to be frustrated that the dialog wasn’t taking the predicted path, rather sarcastically saying things like “well we’re all happy now, I guess.” But the really interesting reaction came about when Rogers suggested that if Warren is to be seen as a man who builds bridges between the right and the left that he should quietly and without any kind of fanfare meet with leaders of the gay community and listen to their concerns. Rivers reacted very badly.

(Via – Pam Spaulding)