Huckabee: Yeah, Gay People Get Beaten – But What About The Stryofoam Cross Lady?

Last month former Arkansas governor and failed presidential candidate Mike Huckabee appeared on The View to say that gays had not been beaten up enough to deserve the comparison between the gay rights movement and the black civil rights movement.

At a book signing in Lansing, Michigan on Wednesday, Huckabee acknowledged to Todd Heywood of the Michigan Messenger that there is violence against LGBT people, but immediately brought up the Stryofoam Cross Lady and that bizarre church service disruption committed by “anarchists” in the name of marriage equality as examples of “violence” perpetrated by gays against Christians.

Via Think Progress:

Q: Are you saying the LGBT community does not suffer violence?HUCKABEE: No, I think they do. And so do the Christians. It was in Michigan that people barged into a church and were rather violent — Q: Have you seen the video of that incident? HUCKABEE: I have. Q: It wasn’t actually particularly violent. HUCKABEE: Well, it was certainly disruptive. In California, when some peaceful protesters, including a 79-year-old lady by the name of Phyllis, was out holding a cross, it was violently taken from her and stomped. I don’t think there’s justice in that. Q: What about the 50-year-old gay man who was beaten yesterday in Salt Lake City? HUCKABEE: Nobody justifies any violence on anyone.

Huckabee went on to explain his opposition to all hate crimes legislation. The video below is audio-only from the book signing.