More Fraudulent Anti-Gay Robocalls

Gay City News reports that voters in a New York state Senate district in Nassau County are getting robocalls falsely stating that the paper had endorsed the Democratic candidate.

According to an email received from a voter in the Sixth Senate District, which is in western Nassau County on Long Island, voters are being informed that Gay City News supports Democrat Kristen McElroy because “she will vote for gay marriage, and advance the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender agenda in Albany.”

A spokesman for McElroy’s campaign confirmed that they are receiving the same information from district voters, and are not the source of the calls. The campaign of McElroy’s opponent, Republican Kemp Hannon, the long-standing incumbent, told Gay City News they did not authorize the ads and do not know where they are coming from.

Gay City News did not make an endorsement in the Sixth District race, but McElroy is a marriage equality supporter, according to her campaign and to the voter guide published this week by the Empire State Pride Agenda, the state’s gay rights lobby. The Pride Agenda did endorse McElroy’s bid, and noted that Hannon, who opposes gay marriage and even voted against the 2002 gay rights bill that passed the Legislature by a wide margin, did not return the group’s candidate questionnaire.

The calls appear to be coming from a direct marketing firm in New Jersey. The actual endorsements of Gay City News can be found here.