Defending Traditional Sidewalks

There’s a really cute bit of activism going on at Princeton in which advocates for “Princeton Prop 8” say that they love freshmen, they really do, but they should not be allowed to use the sidewalks. Sidewalks are for traditional use, not for some redefined non-traditional sidewalk values users.

From the comments on YouTube:
-“To be fair, freshman have the right of walking on the sidewalk. They just have to chose be sophomores.”
-“There’s just one little hole in this whole metaphor. Freshman turn into Sophomores after 1 year. Gay people don’t turn into straight people over time.”
-“You couldn’t be more right. Freshmen knew what they were getting into when the made the choice of Princeton. They could have attended anywhere. They chose Princeton so TO THE GRASS WITH THEM.”

(Via – Andrew Sullivan)