Brooklyn Blowoff Photo Recap

This should make you feel better after the crap news of the weekend.

The first Blowoff in Brooklyn was way crazier than I expected, as evidenced by the raucous behavior displayed in the above slideshow. Email me if you don’t want your mug shown and I’ll pull your photo. (Full-screen photos here.) There were lots of new faces in the somewhat younger crowd.

DJs Bob Mould and Rich Morel played lots of new stuff that I didn’t know, my highlights were Rich’s remix of the Killers’ Human and that Ting Tings song that Bob played (but I can never remember the name of.) Downside: the 90 minutes it took me to get there thanks to the so-called “express” 4 train. Upside: a hilariously drunken recap of the evening on the way home in a cab with Dr. Jeff and Chris. The next Blowoffs are November 22nd at the 9:30 Club in DC and November 29th at Slim’s in San Francisco.