Response From WFTV

WFTV-ABC in Orlando responded to my letter of complaint about Barbara West’s treatment of Joe Biden.

Dear Viewer:

Thank you for taking time to contact us regarding Barbara West’s recent interview with democratic Vice Presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden. The Obama campaign contacted us last week offering Senator Biden, via satellite, for a short interview. Barbara West, one of our most experienced anchors, was asked to interview Senator Biden, just as she had been on previous occasions.

It is our goal at Eyewitness News when interviewing any political candidate or public official to ask them a direct question about an issue currently in the public debate. Last week, when much of the political discourse centered on Senator Obama’s statement to ‘Joe the Plumber’ that he thought ‘sharing the wealth’ was a good idea, Barbara decided to ask Senator Biden just how far an Obama-Biden administration would go in ‘sharing the wealth’. What followed was very pointed, provocative question. We allowed Senator Biden to answer, fully unedited.

We tell our reporters and news anchors to ask the questions that one of our viewers might ask. For example, when Senator Obama visited Lakeland recently, Barbara (knowing her time with a presidential candidate would be limited) asked Senator Obama two questions: first, about drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico; and, second, about his position on the space program. The Senator’s answers dominated the news cycle for the next day.

You can see all of Barbara’s interviews with political candidates at including one she just did Monday with Senator John McCain. Perhaps more than any other presidential election in recent memory, this current election has stirred passions – some of them quite partisan – in many people. Through it all, we believe our mission is to address vital issues that we will face together, regardless of our own personal views with thorough, even handed reporting.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Bullshit. That Marxism line of questioning was wingnut propaganda and they know it.