LCR Unfazed By Palin’s FMA Support

After Sarah Palin voiced support for the Federal Marriage Amendment this weekend, blogger Rod 2.0 called up the Log Cabin Republicans to see how they liked her now.

After being contacted by Rod 2.0. Log Cabin Republican President Patrick Sammon discounted Palin’s influence as a potential vice president and added the gay Republicans are “glad McCain agrees with us.”

We disagree with Gov. Palin on this issue, but we’re glad that Sen. McCain agrees with us. The president sets the policy for the administration. Sen. McCain twice voted against the federal marriage amendment and continues to believe the states should decide this issue.

An interesting contradiction. When Palin was selected, her policy background was a bonus. When she breaks with McCain on positions, a reminder the president “sets the policy” for the administration.

Read Rod’s entire post here.