Hannah Montana Sends Queers Packing

Disneyland has announced they will close early on the last day of Gay Days this weekend in order to boot out the queers for the 16th birthday party of Miley Cyrus. Disney will redirect mouse-happy homos over to California Adventure.

In what is presumably an oversight on someone’s part, the “Hannah Montana” star’s Sweet 16 celebration with 5,000 of her closest fans this Sunday (October 5, though her actual birthday’s in November) happens to coincide with the last day of the park’s annual unofficial Gay Days, which draws 30,000 gay and lesbian visitors to the Happiest Place on Earth every fall.

When word broke about the double booking a few days ago, early reports erroneously had Disney folks dissing the Gay Days revelers and shutting them out of the park. But a Disneyland rep told “Access Hollywood” on Tuesday that in order to accommodate both groups, the park will be closing at 5 p.m. to guests not attending the Cyrus party. To make up for it, Disney will accommodate Gay Days guests after 5 p.m. at its sister park, Disney’s California Adventure, which will extend its hours to 11 p.m.

Gay Days isn’t too bent out of shape and has invited Cyrus to come sing for the boys at the other park.