GOP Senate Candidate Scares Voters With Robocalls From Fake Gay Group

The GOP has reached a new low in South Carolina. Check this shit out:

Sources say Republican Senate candidate and current state Rep. Mick Mulvaney is reportedly behind the most underhanded phone call in South Carolina since John McCain didn’t father a black child out of wedlock in 2000. The call purportedly comes from “The Alliance for the Advancement of Gays and Lesbians” and touts Mulvaney’s opponent Mandy Powers Norrell’s support for “homosexual unions and abortion rights.”

Here’s the audio and a transcript:

“Hi, this is Allison calling from the Alliance for the Advancement of Gays and Lesbians. We are a pro-gay rights, pro-choice grassroots organization. I am calling to let you know that we are supporting Mandy Powers Norrell in the state Senate. A proven Democrat, Mandy Powers Norrell supports homosexual unions and abortion rights. We can count on Mandy Powers Norrell to promote a progressive agenda in the state Senate and to fight the right wing fringe at every turn. Again, this is Allison with the Alliance for the Advancement of Gays and Lesbians asking you to vote for Democrat Mandy Powers Norrell on Tuesday, November 4. Thank you.”

She’s a PROVEN Democrat! Here’s the audio of the clip:

If you’d like to tell Rep. Mulvaney what you think about his garbage:

Representative J. Michael “Mick” Mulvaney
District 45 – Lancaster & York Cos.
Contact Address:
(H) 518 Ralph Hood Rd., Indian Land, 29707
Cell (803) 246-1001
(C) 308A Blatt Bldg., Columbia, 29201
E-Mail Address: [email protected]