The Gay Virginity Auction

Real or hoax? This weekend Gawker reported that a 27 year old newly out-of-work Wall Streeter was offering up his “gay virginity” to the highest bidder. The guy says he looks like Adam Brody of tv’s The O.C.

What I am explictly offering as part of this auction is the following – I will wear the same suit that I wore at my job interview at my ex-firm. I will meet the winner in a 100% LEGAL setting such as either at a licensed brothel in Nevada or Rhode Island, and I will spend some time having a drink with them, hanging out with them, laughing, breaking the ice, and so on. Afterwards, I will deliver what I would consider to be the ideal blowjob / handjob combination until the winner has an orgasm or 30 minutes passes whichever comes first. Sorry but no anal activity of any kind is part of this offer!

Rhode Island has legal brothels? Who knew? Bidding apparently got up to $21K, but today the guy’s website says the following:

The auction is annulled and canceled. No bids have been or will be accepted. A very amazing person has taken pity on me and offered me a real job in my chosen line of work. The fact that someone came forward to help me amidst all the hatred has completely changed the way I look at people. Sorry to sound cheesy, and I know that everyone will take great delight in mocking me, but you need to understand that I’m in somewhat of an emotional state right now — the last 48 hours have been the most intense experience of my life and have taught me a tremendous amount.

The thousands of pieces of hatemail I received, while extremely painful for me to read (and I read every single one) had a profound effect on me. I ask that you respect my privacy. I choose to remain anonymous, my new employer (and this is the condition of my employment) chooses to remain anonymous.

Once I settle down a bit, I’ll be writing an essay on this experience – no not a book deal (there were 2 offers) or anything for money — just an essay and publishing it for free with the greatest blogger on the globe, Blogni**er. BN, thanks for the favor – I owe you one. BN community – thanks to you as well. You’re harsh but loving in the end, and I appreciate what you did for me as well. Bye.

I recommend you read the original post and the comments on the controversially named Blogni**er, where the author posted the auction with a warning of serious physical harm should the story prove to be a hoax. Some damn funny stuff there.