Ex-Gay Group PFOX Wins Chutzpah Grand Prize Of All Eternity

Surely you remember their vile billboard campaign from a couple years ago, but now PFOX (Parents And Friends Of Ex-Gays) is suing the Washington DC Human Rights Office for discrimination, claiming that “ex-gays” are not protected under the city’s sexual orientation law.

“The ex-gay community is the most bullied and maligned group in America, yet they are not protected by sexual orientation non-discrimination laws,” said Regina Griggs, PFOX executive director.

The DC Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on “sexual preference,” “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” and “gender expression.” The Office of Human Rights maintains that homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders, and cross-dressers qualify for protection under this Act, but ex-gays do not. PFOX’s lawsuit asks the DC Superior Court to direct the Office to include former homosexuals under the sexual orientation law. “Shouldn’t ex-gays enjoy the same legal protections that gays enjoy?” asked Griggs.

“Former homosexuals and their friends have been fired from their jobs, repeatedly ridiculed, assaulted, and intimidated. This harassment is most often perpetrated by the same groups who demand protection under sexual orientation laws but work to deny ex-gays the same respect.”

Are you fucking kidding me? “Ex-gay” is now a separate sexual orientation? I thought that the love of Jeebus freed them from evil perverted dreams of mansex and turned them into righteous totally hetero muff-diving soldiers of Christ? I guess that didn’t work out.

PFOX says they are worried that as president, Barack Obama would sign ENDA legislation that does not mention “ex-gays.” I suggest you call PFOX director Regina Griggs (804-453-4737) and demand that they make a massive contribution to the Trevor Project as penance for the all those gay teenagers they’ve driven to thoughts of suicide.

Wayne Besen’s Truth Wins Out, a group that fights the “ex-gay” movement, says that PFOX has filed a “frivolous lawsuit” and has offered no proof of their supposed discrimination. Besen:

PFOX has never offered any evidence and has long invented or greatly exaggerated potential cases. PFOX is a political organization that sells the idea that people can “pray away the gay.” It was founded by lawyer Roy Cohn’s ex-boyfriend, Anthony Falzarono, and bankrolled by the Family Research Council. It was later run by therapist Richard Cohen, who was banned for life by the American Counseling Association. The current leader is Regina Griggs, who has an openly gay son.

Again: Regina Griggs (804-453-4737).