Austrian Right-Winger Was In Gay Bar Before He Died In DUI Crash

Fascist Austrian leader Joerg Haider was drinking in a gay bar before he died Saturday in a single-car drunk driving accident.

The former leader of the far right in Austria was drinking in a gay bar the night he died, it has emerged. Joerg Haider had never been open about his homosexuality, but his habit of surrounding himself with handsome blond teenagers had led many to speculate.

The German and Austrian press outed the married father of two daughters in 2006. His fascist political views led him to high office in Austria, despite his open praise for Nazi policies.

Haider died in a car accident on Saturday morning near Klagenfurt, less than 30 minutes after leaving the Stadtkraemer, a well-known gay hangout. Prosecutors have confirmed there was four times the legal limit for alcohol in his blood and he was driving at twice the legal speed limit when he crashed his VW Phaeton. Haider, 58, was the Governor of the state of Carinthia. Thousands of people are expected to attend his funeral today, and police are prepared for clashes with anti-Nazi protesters.

With his nationalist, pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic and anti-immigration philosophy, Haider is credited with unifying Austria’s splintered extreme-right movement.