This Week In Religious Nuttery

– Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Sharia court has ruled that satellite television operators that beam “immodest” programming during Ramadan are subject to to the death penalty. Sheikh Saleh al-Lohaidan: “What does the owner of these networks think, when he provides seduction, obscenity and vulgarity? Those calling for corrupt beliefs, certainly it’s permissible to kill them.”

– Some Hassidic Jews in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg want the city to remove existing bike lanes and cancel plans to add more lanes because female bikers in “immodest” workout clothes are riding through their neighborhood. The complaining parties also claim that bike lanes are dangerous to pedestrians. “Everyone understands and knows a bike lane is a nuisance.”

– Islamic radicals have threatened to send suicide bombers to a planned Paul McCartney concert in Israel. “Instead of supporting the people of Palestine in their suffering, McCartney is celebrating the atrocities of the occupiers. The one who is under occupation is supposed to be getting the help.”