October 12th: Remember The Red Party

Probably the best disco classics party in the universe is approaching. San Francisco’s seminal Trocadero Transfer holds it annual Remember The Party reunion on October 12th, with the supreme ruling DJ Jerry Bonham once again at the helm.

Red Parties were all about the love of the party, and the passion for dancing. Songs would include expressions of love’s red hot sexiness, exuberance, romance, hope, longing, inspiration and even love’s trials and tribulations.

To add to the fabulousness of the festivities, some people would adorn themselves in red, anything from their favorite accessories with a simple t-shirt to a lavish costume and accoutrements to reflect the Valentine’s atmosphere.

Since Remember The Party at the Trocadero Transfer is a once yearly event, and ’cause we just love to love you, we thought that this would be a great time to celebrate Valentine’s Day early and share some disco love to melt your heart.

So come join the dance, share the love and join us under the magical mirror balls in the true spirit of the Trocadero Transfer Red Party!

Trocadero Transfer Discotheque: Nothing like it, never will be.

Advance tickets are only $20 and are available here. I had a fantastic time at last year’s event; check out my review which includes photos and video. The Troc boys do it right.