Morning View – Bees Danish

OK, so after the first couple of days of being bothered by dive-bombing bees in Berlin, I was thinking I’d come home and blog something like, “Now I know where all our bees have gone. They’re in Berlin.” Then on Sunday we were wandering around Alexanderplatz and decided to stop at a quite lovely looking bakery for something sweet. I walked up to to the display case and stopped in horror. “Wait! We are SO not eating here. There’s bugs all over the food!” BEES, actually. (Only a few of the dots in this picture are raisins. Embiggen.)

The bees were flying all around in and out of the case and the staff was completely cool with it. Patrons were nonchalantly picking out their selections and the counter person would reach in, shake off the bees, and hand it over. Uh, WTF? An equally freaked out American woman muttered to me, “I can’t handle this,” and scooted out past us. We left without inquiring, not wishing to be laughed at. I’ve tried Googling “bees on food Germany Berlin” and other things, but have found no answer. I’m sure somebody here can explain this.