It’s Ladies Night And The Feeling’s Right

If you are a romantic lady, single baby, or sophisticated mama – take heart. Anti-feminist Den Hollander’s federal lawsuit against ladies nights has been thrown out of court.

A Manhattan federal judge showed anti-feminist lawyer Roy Hollander the door Monday in his challenge to “Ladies Night” discounts at nightclubs. Judge Miriam Cedarbaum said private clubs like the Copacabana, Lotus and China Club can charge patrons whatever they wish.

Hollander argued that free or discounted cover charges for women were “invidious discrimination against men.” The judge said Hollander’s challenge differed from one pursued by two women who successfully sued downtown institution McSorley’s Old Ale House for discrimination in the 1960s after they were denied alcohol. Nonsense, said Hollander. “This lawsuit would have put an end to guys financially subsidizing girls to party at nightclubs,” he said.

Still pending: Hollander’s lawsuit against Columbia University for offering courses in women’s studies and his lawsuit against the federal government for the “gender-biased” Violence Against Women Act. He’s a prince, ladies. And he’s single!