HomoQuotable – Wayne Besen

“It is time Sarah Palin lets the American people know whether she shares her church’s view that being gay is a choice that can be prayed away. Voters are entitled to know who Palin is and what her views are on this issue before they go into the voting booth. Palin’s visit to Alaska is an opportunity for her to address whether she supports the goals of Focus on the Family’s divisive anti-gay conference.” – Truth Wins Out executive director Wayne Besen, who will be in Anchorage tonight speaking out against Palin’s church’s “ex-gay” conference.

Besen: “We appear wherever Focus on the Family spreads lies and fear.” Love Won Out distorts gay life and conflates stereotypes with science, while selling false hope to vulnerable people. We are looking forward to working with Alaskan advocacy groups to counter Focus on the Family’s false and destructive messages.”