Transwoman Gives Eyewitness Account Of Knoxville Church Shooting

Michelangelo Signorile has interviewed Carla Lewis, a transgender woman who was inside the Knoxville Unitarian Church when last week’s shooting happened. Signorile:

This is a clip from my interview with Carla Lewis, who was inside the Tennessee Valley Universalist Unitarian Church when a gunman opened fire little over a week ago. She came on the program last week to take us through the tragic event, talk about the gunman’s motives of hatred against gays and liberals and tell us a bit about hero Greg McKendry. The 60-year-old church volunteer was killed in the shooting, jumping in front of the gunman to protect others. He and his wife had recently taken in a transgender foster child.

Carla, a transgender woman and a lesbian, runs the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition web site, and is a regular listener to the show. She began by telling us about the service, which was a production of “Annie,” in which children were participating. Carla and her partner Jamie had arrived a bit late to church that day. They were still standing, when the gunman, 58-year old James Adkisson, a man brought up in a Christian fundamentalist home and who had recently had some hard times, walked in behind them.