Tinkers To Evers To Chance

What a weird last few days on teh interwebs, a regular triple play of nonsense. First Haloscan crashes, then Google locked thousands of bloggers out of their accounts, then on Friday afternoon any site with the Sitemeter script on it would no longer open in IE, affecting many thousands of sites.

We got a heads-up from the CEO of JS-Kit, the new owner of Haloscan, who let us know that they are installing new features and better stability. Over at the Blogger, the always devious spammers had hacked their CAPTCHA program, forcing them to change their spam algorithm, causing the lockout. And Sitemeter’s issue was actually related to a bug in IE. Bah humbug. Looks like everything is back to normal at the moment, but I thank the many JMG readers who sent puzzled emails. PS: Use Firefox!