New York Primary Deadline Is Friday, Register To Vote Online Via LGBT Center

This Friday, August 15th, is the deadline to register for New York’s September 9th primary. The NYC Gay & Lesbian Community Center has a goal of registering 2000 new LGBT voters by then. You can register to vote online via their site.

All of New York’s 29 seats in the House of Representatives are in contention, as are all 436 seats nationwide. Of New York’s 29 Congressional districts, 25 incumbents are running to keep their seats, including my own Congressperson, the fabulous Carolyn Maloney.

BUT, three out of the four retiring New York Reps are Republican, including Staten Island’s vile, anti-gay Vito “Family Values (With A Mistress And A Love Child)” Fossella, the only Republican representing NYC in Congress. THAT is why the NYS primary is important, my tender kittens. Staten Island homos, represent.

And lets not forget the 150 seats in the state Assembly or the 62 seats in the state Senate, all of which are up for grabs. Openly LGBT Assembly members Daniel O’Donnell, Deborah Glick, Matthew Titone, and (my own Assemblyman) Micah Kellner need your support.

As does Thomas Duane, the only openly gay (and openly HIV positive) member of the state Senate. Duane’s district stretches down the west side of Manhattan from 85th Street to Canal Street and encompasses major gayborhoods Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, and the East and West Village.

If you are not registered to vote in New York, please help the LGBT Center reach their goal.