Hate Crimes Charge For Transwoman’s Killer

The murderer of Colorado transwoman Angie Zapata has been charged with a hate crime, adding a potential 18 months to his sentence. Zapata’s supportive sister says that she had long been worried about the crowd of “dangerous men” that Zapata had been hanging with.

“One time she came home crying saying, ‘Why, Monica, why won’t people accept me?’ ” Monica Zapata said. “All my sister wanted was somebody who would take her down the street and be proud of who she was.” Monica Zapata said her sister had drifted into drugs and at one point talked about prostitution to make extra money. “I worried about her every time she left my house,” she said. “I couldn’t fix her loneliness.”

Allen Conrade, 31, has confessed that he beat Zapata to death with a fire extinguisher the morning after they had sex. Conrade says that photographs in Zapata’s apartment raised his suspicions, causing him to grope her groin and discover a penis. Hopefully the judge in Conrade’s trial will not allow him to raise a transpanic defense. Murder is murder.