Three Years Later: 1% Divorce Rate For British Gays

File under: Hard to believe. Three years after civil unions became legal for UK gays, new figures indicate that the ‘divorce’ rate is only 1%.

Between December 2005, when gay and lesbian couples gained the legal right to formalise their relationships, and December 2007, there were 24,629 civil partnerships in England and Wales. Couples have to wait at least a year before they can apply for a dissolution of their partnership. Her Majesty’s Court Service told that between December 2006 to 28th July 2008, there have been just 245 petitions for a dissolution. Of those, 108 have been granted a final dissolution, one partnership has been declared null and three have had separation orders issued.

Of course, most of those civil unioned in the first year were probably long-time couples whose relationships had already weathered many years, possibly making them less likely to separate quickly. Still, I find this 1% number rather remarkable.