Have you been reading the hype about Cuil (pronounced “cool”), the new search engine that supposedly tracks three times the number of web pages as Google? I just Cuil-ed myself and among the first ten results are my year-old post about the death of Jerry Falwell, a couple of years-old Daily Kos pages tagged with my name, and other ancient shit. Craptastic. And deserving of the bad reviews.

On Day 1 yesterday of its attempt to dethrone Google Inc. as king of the Internet search engines, Cuil was shaping up to be a New Coke-style fiasco. Vitriol was flying fast on tech maven Chris Brogan’s IT blog. After waiting two hours for Cuil to return two results for his name, contributor Gopal Shenoy wrote: “(Cuil) is basically unusable – paint dries faster. Did they test this thing to see what the results are before they got coverage on CNN on how Google needs to be scared of them?”

Back to the drawing board, you former Google engineers.