RUMOR: Anti-Gay Alabama Attorney General Busted In Bed With Male Aide, About To Resign

There’s been an explosion of chatter on Alabama-based blogs today that the state’s Republican anti-gay Attorney General Troy King may be about to resign in the face of a sex scandal with a male assistant. According to multiple sources, King was caught in bed with the man by his wife and thrown out of his home.

Via Wonkette:

His [King’s] gay lover is either a college “buddy,” or a very young youngster and “Homecoming King” from Troy University. What are the odds of a dude named Troy King getting caught in bed with a Homecoming King from Troy University? This seems like a wacky sitcom plot, on a gay porn channel. (Is this what that Will & Grace was about?)

King has been considered a front-runner for the 2010 Alabama governor’s race. A spokesperson for current Gov. Bob Riley denies any plan for King to resign. It is rumored that it was Riley’s office that actually leaked the scandal in the first place. King has been in the news most recently for his campaign to enforce a ten year-old ban on the sale of sex toys in Alabama, prompting an internet-fueled project to mail King unwanted dildos.

As a college student, King was a notorious anti-gay crusader, writing numerous letters to his college newspaper attacking AIDS victims as deserving their fates. While in law school at the University of Alabama, he demanded that the school suspend their Gay/Lesbian Alliance, calling it an “affront to Alabama” and “evidence of the perversion of America.”